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Fellowship Code of Conduct

Opalblaise, Jun 30, 09 11:26 AM.

Fellowship Code of Conduct
1. Blizzard's terms of service shall be adhered to by all members

2. The Code of Conduct applies to all conduct in game at all times 

3. The Guild Code of Conduct will be enforced by the knights and leaders

4. Respect your Guild leaders -they take time from THEIR game to make the guild run for you
5. Respect your fellow Guild members -these are your brothers and sisters in arms
6. Respect your fellow players-
“Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you've got to give it.”
― R. G. Risch

7. As visible representatives of the Guild, members will conduct themselves appropriately at all times in-game and will not bring dishonor on the Guild

8. Guild membership is open to all on an Apprenticeship (probationary) basis

9. We want this to be an enjoyable game and allow for fun gameplay of all available types (pvp, pve, light roleplaying, instances, raid, social, quests, etc.) within the decorum of honorable conduct

10. Have fun. When it gets frustrating, take a breather. Take your frustrations out on the Horde

11. Be helpful. Better yet- try to occasionally go out of your way to help someone

12. Use available channels appropriately (LFG, Trade, General, etc...). Blizzard put them there to use.

Chat Guidelines

1. Spamming. Under no circumstance is guild chat to be repeatedly spammed, regardless of the content. If you are looking for help and do not receive an immediate response be patient. A lot of times members cannot answer right away because of what is going on in game..instances, etc. Spamming also includes linking items repeatedly, excessive use of capitalization and macros, 'twittering' and/or monopolizing the channel. You may create your own channel if you have a great deal to discuss with other Guild members that will interrupt regular chat.

2. Fighting. Fighting will not be tolerated in the public channels. This refers to verbal sparring (i.e. arguments, vulgar language, statements of distasteful or degrading nature etc.). Differences of opinion will be handled through private discussion in whispers or party groupings between the parties. In the event that agreement can not be reached, you may take the disagreement to a Guild knight privately for moderation or form a group with the guild knight for discussion as available. No party shall bring the details of a disagreement into general guild chat. 'Play' fighting that is interpreted as fighting shall be handled the same way as actual argument.

3. Obscene, offensive, threatening or harassing language is prohibited. Our membership includes all ages, so chat must be appropriate to all members. (PG) Occasional swearing that punctuates a conversation in a non-threatening manner may be overlooked. Offensive language aimed at a guild member, knight or at the guild itself will not be tolerated.

4. Topics not appropriate for major discussion in Guild chat include any potentially criminal activities or adult-oriented subjects.

5. Members will conduct themselves well in chat regardless of age or circumstance. 'Childish' bickering or disruptive behavior, baiting or belittling members, etc., is not appropriate. Drama will be dealt with dramatically.

Voice Guidelines (In-game or Ventrilo)

1. Voice guidelines will generally be the same as Chat guidelines.
2. Age appropriate discussion should take place within age appropriate channel groupings. The default or lobby channel must be retained for PG discussion due to unexpected arrivals of juvenile members.


We know that not everyone is a gaming addict and so we take this into account. However members are expected to participate in the guild, contribute to and get information from the website, plus attend scheduled events as often as possible. If you know that you will be inactive for a certain period, please let a guild knight know. Accounts that are inactive for an inordinate period of time with no notice to guild knights will be purged from the guild as we are striving for an active and involved membership.


You are solely responsible for your characters, their security and in-game actions. The behavior of a specific character, for good or bad, will result in consequences applied directly to the character.  So if your brother or your friend or your worst enemy gets on your account, it is your responsibility.  If your account is hacked, contact a GM immediately and follow their instructions.

As a Member of the FoTD, not only do you gain the benefit of being part of a large and active community, you have been given access to extra privileges. Enjoy them, but please bear in mind that it is now also your responsibility to protect them. Everyone counts on one another to protect our in-game assets (items, characters, etc.), our passwords, and the security of our website. This includes the subject of various conversations, and the methods of our inner mechanisms, as well as the content of specific memberside forums. Thus, it is the duty of every member to protect those assets to the best of their ability, which means not sharing memberside information with non-members, and also taking basic steps to protect access to the web site and Ventrilo information. If you belong to another guild as well as FoTD, it is prohibited to use FoTD assets to conduct non-FoTD business or gaming, in the interest of security and asset protection. If you are unsure what steps to take in order to protect your privacy and guild assets, we have members that can help you.

Game Etiquette
1 FoTD members proudly earn their gold and equipment. Begging for money is strongly discouraged. Begging in general in game, thereby causing embarrassment to the Guild is prohibited.

If you have a NEED not just a GREED, please refer to your Guild leaders or the Guild Bank for available options. Members who find themselves in sudden dire straights may make a request for emergency assistance by stating their reason in Guild chat.

Problem Resolution:
1. If a player has an issue with another guild-mate’s behavior or with any guild affairs it has to be brought to the attention of the Guild leaders. Any such issues are impossible to address if the knights do not know about or only know second hand information. Attending to such issues is a must in order to grow and maintain a strong guild. If you have a concern simply send a /whisper to any knight in game or send them an in game email. These people all volunteer their own time to help manage the guild and they are there to help you so please seek them out.

2. If you are thinking about leaving the Guild, please talk it over with an knight first. If you have concerns, let's at least see if there are ways to address them. We strive to do our best and can only do so if we are aware of concerns and potential problems.

Grounds for Immediate Dismissal:

1. Depending on the nature and severity, Guild Leadership may institute immediate dismissal after conferring with other Guild knights present.
2. Threats, harassment or the use of vulgar profanity of any kind whether directed toward any Guild Member or other player or spoken in general with the purpose to disrespect or demean any player or guild member, knight or leader

3. Violations of Blizzard's Terms of Service that could jeopardize the Guild
4. Jeopardizing character account, guild, or website security
5. Age-inappropriate communications towards, or in the presence of, juvenile members of the Guild.

Remember each of you wears the guild tag and that guild tag represents us all, the Guild Leader and the Knights do not take lightly any behavior that calls the honor or reputation of the Fellowship of the Dragon into question. In the event of any circumstance not covered here, the decision of the Guild Master and knights shall be final.

These rules can be added to or changed at any time.

Please give the officer you contact the code word: honor prior to your invitation.

Cooperation Respect Loyalty

Opalblaise, Jun 5, 07 9:43 AM.

Cooperation is working together for the good of all. It is the willingness to stand side by side and use the different gifts each of us has to offer. We seek common goals in service of a unified vision. We blend our abilities to create something none of us could achieve alone. Conflict and contention drain us. Cooperation can fuel our dreams. With cooperation, we help one another to share the load. We willingly do tasks that others ask of us. We look for ways to be helpful and ask for help when we need it. We do not isolate or harbor our loneliness. Together we accomplish greater things."       by Linda Kavelin Popov.

Respect is an attitude of honoring oneself and others and caring about their rights. Being respectful is reflected in the courtesy with which we speak and act and treat one another. Acting respectfully gives people the dignity they deserve.

Loyalty is standing up for something you believe in, having unwavering faith. It is being faithful to your family, your country, your friends or your ideals—when the going gets tough as well as when things are good… Loyalty is based on commitments—commitments you make and plan to keep.

The Virtues Project™

Here's to you, members, loyal and true,
You'll be a friend whate'er we go through.
You'll stand up through thick and thin,
Keep up your spirit, and strive to win;
Friendship and service – leadership also
Those are our guides as we grow and grow.
Fellowship of the Dragon – FTW!

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to The Fellowship of the Dragon Portal!
Come into the Mists of Pandaria
                  The Fellowship is an all age, all level Guild. We are friends helping each other to grow and prosper on Feathermoon and we have a lot of fun doing so!

If you are interested in joining one of the Best Guilds anywhere just ask one of our Knights. 

 Our Guild Rules are:
1. We respect one another.
2. We help each other and the Guild to grow and Prosper.
3. We have Fun!

If anyone has any questions or concerns, they can contact me or any of my Knights in game or by email from this Portal

      Grand Poobah- Fellowship of the Dragon

Our Legends:  Melvorn, Opalblaise, and Privateer
Trinity Knights: Addren,  Aletar, Amareigh,  Ender(Loralai), Gaia,  and Santobellum 

Fellowship in NY (Aug 2011) (17)
  Aletar's leg makes a new friend.
  Getting ready for the Guild meet.
  Horde spotted near Albany, NY
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  Itunes and little tunes
  Maniac found on NYC Subway
  Me in my glasses
  Opal getting ready to give someone the axe.
  Pallys can't use bows either!
  Saelbrin seems a bit tipsy from the [Plastic Cup of Mead].
  Silly Mage, you can't use a bow!
  We found this questgiver pointing to Staten Island
  White Castle, food of the gods
  Yes they are real. No you can't touch
  Yes, yes it really IS that big

Member Pics (51)
  Amura in the Middle
  Bard Vanderjack
  Border and Mrs Dogg
  Brun and the Noisemakers
  Cat and Addren
  Cat and Addren's Lil Dragon 1 year!
  Cat and Addren's lil dragon! 6months!
  Chainsoul and kids!
  Holy and Mirabilevisu
  I found a glitch hehe
  Icekight and Marvina
  Image uploaded by Stasha1989
  Pesch in Ribbon
  Pesch's Fav
  Phain n Ayce
  Saelbrin and band!
  Uploaded by Krall-WoW

Vanderjack's Cartoons (20)
  BGa -Beer Goggles (starring Opal ( /blush))
  Kallajuntiliokan (starring Sanctobelum)

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Ranks, explained
Sticky: Guild Ranks~~(By Ender) Many of you will have noticed by now that there have been some changes in the guild rank structure. I just wanted to take a moment and fill you in on the new ranks!

Some ranks were unclear in their role within the guild and were rolled together to form a new rank. A good example is the officer ranks of Knight and Noble. They were joined together with the Trinity Knights to unify the officers. Also, every officer had several alts. If they were on an alt, and someone needed to contact them, no-one knew who they were. There is one place to look for all our alts with no more searching.

Let me take a moment to explain each rank within the guild.

Apprentice - A new guild member. Welcome to the Fellowship of the Dragon! Take time to meet your new friends and get to know them, we hope to see a lot of you in the future!            (older members within the guild may occasionally be placed as an apprentice while they spend time away from the game. This is NOT a demotion. This is merely to protect the accounts of the other guildies and the bank. You can rest assured that when you return, you will be restored to the previous rank a dedicated, long-term member like you deserves. Just speak with Opalblaise or an officer to reclaim your former glory.)

Avenger - The Squires and Defenders have joined their comrades in arms as Avengers to form a true, unified backbone of the guild. It's you who will become our next protectors and officers and it's you who form the biggest portion of the guild. Because of that, it's also you who will be seen by most people and are representatives of our guild. It's your efforts and contributions that make this guild the great guild that it is. We're currently 470 toons and growing! Many of you have formed strong relationships with each other and we're better for it. Thank you!

Sentinel - Avengers only STRONGER, BETTER, SECURE --this is an authenticator only rank with richer bank and repair privileges.
Militia - Sometimes the citizens are called upon for a duty above and beyond their normal, peaceful lives. Evil waits for no toon and when the call comes, the Fellowship makes sure you aren't brought into battle without support. For temporary raiding duty, officers may induct you into the Militia to fill the ranks and allow the same support as the raiders your are called to assist. In other words, for non-raiders joining us on guild run's in instances, you can enjoy the same privileges as they do. When you are finished protecting your home (Fellowship), you will be returned to your previous life.

Protege - The ability to reach an officer when needed is very important. If you don't see an officer on, look at the proteges. A protege is alt toon of our officers.

Trinity Knights - Officers. The Knights and Nobles were combined with the Trinity Knights into one, unified round table. (also see Protege, which are TK alts) We are here to assist you an many manners. If you have a question, need help, need a dispute settled, or would just like to talk, we're here for you. We are players too, and are always willing to go on runs or help out with a quest for our fellow members.

Legend - Melvorn, the original who started the Guild.  Opalblaise, who faithfully guided us for 8 years.  Privateer. One of our longest guild members. He's seen it all. An officer just like the Trinity Knights. As such, this rank was created to honor and respect the person as loyal as he. 
Grand Poobah-  Our own Brunhibaul, leader extroidenaire!.

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